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About Us

Huntington Democrats Logo Our Mission The mission of the Huntington Town Democratic Committee is to elect Democrats, and, by doing so, support individuals, families, workers, and institutions that embrace democratic principles of social and economic justice: inclusion, fairness, equality, and respect. The Committee will foster communications and collaboration between Democratic elected officials, our party candidates, and the Committee membership.

The Huntington Town Democratic Committee (HTDC) is an official organization of the Democratic Party of Suffolk County, NY with a number of key legal responsibilities in carrying out the nomination and election laws of the State of New York.

Will Rogers once said, "I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat."

And later, another great Democrat said, "If the Democratic Party was in France, it would be five parties." Maybe they were right, but we believe that this is our great strength - our ability to hold a variety of opinions on a topic without being exclusionary or divisive. We are indeed a great tent where people with many varying views can come together and exchange ideas and work toward the common goal of caring for people by providing GOOD GOVERNMENT.

We respect our differences, and celebrate the variety of life experiences which have helped to create the dazzling mosaic that is the Democratic Party. Individually, we may not have it all, but TOGETHER we have the keys to successful governing. We hope that this website will provide an interesting introduction to our Party and that through it you may be intrigued enough to join us at our monthly meetings or on the Campaign Trail OR BOTH.

The Huntington, New York Town Democratic Committee is also:

  • A Civic Organization: If you want to serve your community, there are few more vital ways to do it than by keeping the machinery of democracy working properly. Along with our competitors in other parties, we work to assure that the public has a range of candidates and viewpoints from which to choose;
  • A Learning Environment: If you've never been involved in “politics”, this is the place to start. We'll give you hands-on training and experience in the actual process of government through hands-on, real-world activities;
  • A training ground for Candidates and Campaign Managers: If you've ever entertained the notion of running for public office – or helping someone you admire to do so – this is the place to learn the basics. We recruit candidates, help raise money, and provide volunteer workers for campaigns from local office to the President of the United States;
  • A Social Group: We are a friendly group of open-minded folks who enjoy getting together to further our common political principles.

We are a volunteer organization! That means:

  • Every activity is voluntary, but the Committee does have formal responsibilities, and each member is in fact an elected representative of the Democrats in his or her election district;
  • Any enrolled Democrat registered to vote in the town of Huntington may join;
  • You choose how you serve.

The Commitment:

  • The Huntington Town Democratic Party generally meets once a month. Meetings seldom last more than two hours.
  • There are no dues or special assessments.
  • Although all Huntington Town Democratic Committee activities are voluntary, we encourage all members to spend a few hours of working the phones, driving voters to the polls, or otherwise helping out on or before Election Days.
  • Finally, we hope you will be proud to tell your friends and neighbors that you are a member of the Huntington Town Democratic Committee – and to invite those who share your values to join us.