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Jennifer Hebert

Huntington Town Council
Jennifer Hebert

I've spent my professional career as an educator and administrator, working as a public school teacher, a nursery school director and currently as the program director of Kerber's Farm School, located in Huntington. Since I took over as director of the school, I've built the program to include innovative classes, field trips for local school districts and scout programs, internship opportunities, and a weekly work-study program for life-skills students.

I served nine years on the Huntington School Board, the last two years as the president. I enjoyed working collaboratively with my fellow trustees, and became known as a team player and consensus builder. I was an accessible resource for the district families, staff and community members. My time on the board also gave me insight into the issues that matter to the community.

Given the opportunity to represent Huntington as a council member, I'll be ready to get to work on day one. It would be a great honor to represent the Huntington community.