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Jon Kaiman

US House - (NY-03)
Jon Kaiman

A Leader in Challenging Times
Jon Kaiman is running for congress because he has unrivaled experience as an advocate for his community and delivering results for New Yorkers. As a lawyer, a judge, an elected official, and as a trusted public servant, Jon has made Long Island and New York a better place to work, live, and raise a family. He has been called upon time and again to meet the challenges of the day and has done so with great effect, meeting the moment and making a difference.

Suffolk County Deputy County Executive
Jon Kaiman is Deputy County Executive in Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone’s Administration which oversees a $3.8 billion annual budget; 10,000 employees; and serves a community of 1.5 million residents.

In his role as Deputy, Jon has:

Co-chaired the Suffolk County Police Reform and Reinvention Task Force that produced one of the most comprehensive police reform plans in the State of New York. He and co-chair Vanessa Baird Streeter worked with police, community advocates, legislators, union leadership and the public to reach an overall consensus on how the Suffolk Police Department, the 12th largest police department in the country, could better serve the entire Suffolk County community.
Launched SuffolkShare, the county shared services program in which the county, towns, villages, school districts and special districts work together to reduce costs and improve services.
Initiated Suffolk 311, a county call center and data collection system that allows residents to call a convenient number, 311, and receive accurate, consistent information from the county. The system also collects the call related data which allows the county to measure and manage its work product.
Co-Chaired the Suffolk Opioid Task Force.
Co-Chaired the Police Commissioner Search Committee.
Negotiated police and public employee labor contracts.
Initiated County school recycling program partnership.

North Hempstead Town Supervisor
Jon was elected to five terms as chief executive of the Town of North Hempstead, a town of 225,000 residents. Signature achievements include:

Created and implemented Project Independence, a nationally recognized program to help senior citizens “age in place” through enhanced services and transportation options.
Created and implemented the town’s 311 program, the first suburban town in the country to launch 311.
Obtained tens of millions of dollars in federal grants for environmental, infrastructure, housing and community improvements.
Created and implemented the North Hempstead Office of Intermunicipal Coordination (OIC) to bring the town, county, and local villages and districts together in a working relationship that saved tax dollars and improved services.
Created and implemented the North Hempstead School Recycling Partnership involving 30,000+ students a year in coordinated and educational recycling effort.
Merged two local sewer districts to create one tertiary plant that cost less to the taxpayers while significantly reducing nitrogen flow into Manhasset Bay.
Reseeded Manhasset Bay and Hempstead Harbor with oysters in order to create natural filters to improve the water quality.
Restored wetlands along town bays.
Created and implemented Clean Sweep and Green Team programs cleaning streets, and picking up litter and debris from throughout the town on an ongoing basis.
Built the “Yes We Can” Community Center in New Cassel, an 80,000 square foot, platinum lead certified state of the art building.
Restored housing authority homes and grounds.
Was awarded state and national environmental, municipal management, and fiscal oversight awards and recognitions.
Town recognition by CNN Money Magazine for being one of the top 100 best places to live in America and top ten best places to live in the US for senior citizens.
Partnered with not for profit, Dog Project, to turn town animal shelter into a “no kill” shelter, successfully training volunteers to be dog trainers so that dogs were trained and thus more likely to be successfully adopted.
New York State “Superstorm Sandy Recovery Czar”
Jon was appointed by the New York State Governor to lead the clean-up and recovery effort after Superstorm Sandy.

Chair of the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority
Jon was appointed by the New York State Governor to chair the financial control board overseeing Nassau County’s finances.

Nassau County District Court Judge
Jon was appointed and then elected to the Nassau County District Court bench where he presided over criminal, civil and landlord and tenant cases.

North Hempstead Public Safety Commissioner
Jon joined the May Newburger Administration as Commissioner of Public Safety. As commissioner Jon was responsible for:

Emergency Management
Town Security
Harbor Patrol
Animal Control
Code Enforcement

Family and Education
Jon Kaiman lives in Great Neck in Nassau County with his wife Kim and their three children.

Jon earned his law degree (JD) from Hofstra University Law School and a Masters Degree (MPA) from Harvard University.