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Brad Schwartz for State Senate Fundraiser

Schwartz for State Senate

Brad Schwartz is a native New Yorker who is running for one of the most highly contested State Senate seats in NY. In fact, his district has been referred to as the “Key to Albany” since it could single-handedly decide whether Democrats win Party control of the State. Why? Because, New York already has a Democratic Governor and Democratic Assembly. But its state Senate is almost evenly split; with Republicans holding a single-seat majority. That means, if Democrats can flip just ONE state senate seat, they could potentially win majority control of the entire NY state government! And Brad is running for THAT seat...

With 30% more registered Democrats than Republicans residing within Brad's district, his campaign is the Democratic Party’s best hope and opportunity to win back New York. Such a victory would have major statewide and national implications. For Democrats, Independents and Anti-Trump Republicans, Brad’s election could deliver one of the most strategic States in America into the coalition of resisitance against the Trump agenda.