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County Executive Steve Bellone hosts live water pollution tele-conference; close to 10,000 citizens weigh in

Elise Pearlman
The NorthPort Daily News

Are you worried about the quality of the tap water pouring out of your faucets? You are not alone. Last night Suffolk County Executive Steven Bellone hosted a live tele-conference about the problem of water pollution in Suffolk County. According to a media advisory, Bellone considers nitrogen pollution of ground and surface water to be the number one threat to public health in our area. A recently released executive summary of Suffolk County’s Comprehensive Water Resources Management plan indicates that “nitrogen poisoning has reached critically high levels; impacting drinking water, recreational waterways and reducing wetlands, which act as Long Island’s last line of natural defense against disasters such as Superstorm Sandy.”

Residents were urged to take part in the tele-conference and County Executive Bellone’s Facebook page indicated that about 9800 concerned citizens logged on to do just that.

“Your questions were appreciated and if I did not get to all of your questions please feel free to post your question here and we will respond,” said Bellone on his FB page. “Thank you again for making water quality a priority here in Suffolk County.”