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Cuthbertson Announces a New "Outdoor Fitness Center" at Elwood Park


Elwood, NY- Councilman Mark Cuthbertson recently announced a new pilot program at Elwood Park that offers Town of Huntington residents with a unique opportunity to exercise outdoors -- and have their friends or family join them.

“Not everyone can afford a gym membership, own or have the extra space for exercise equipment, but that should not prevent someone from working out and adopting a healthier lifestyle,” stated Councilman Mark Cuthbertson. “That was the idea for installing an outdoor fitness center at Elwood Park. Now anyone who wants to stay in shape can have access to five pieces of adult exercise apparatus to trim, tone and strengthen."

The outdoor fitness center is comprised of a circle of five exercise machines designed to give 12 adults at one time a full body “circuit-style” workout. The equipment consists of: • A four-person (pendulum) Abdominal & Dip station • A two-person Lat Pull Down & Chest Press Machine • A four-person Leg Press Machine • A single Rower Machine • A single Elliptical Machine

The Elwood Fitness Center is the third outdoor fitness installation of its kind at a Town of Huntington Park. There is a one-quarter mile long outdoor fitness trail at Dix Hills Park and similar equipment at Savings Court Park. For information on these outdoor fitness centers and the numerous programs and activities offered through the Town’s Parks and Recreation Department, call Councilman Mark Cuthbertson’s Office at 631-351-3171 or email: mcuthbertson@HuntingtonNy.gov