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Former Republican Elected Officials Endorse Petrone Ticket


Huntington Democratic Ticket Picks Up Key Republican Endorsements
Three former Republican elected officials today threw their support behind Supervisor Frank Petrone, Councilman Mark Cuthbertson and Council candidate Tracey Edwards, saying the Democratic ticket was head-and-shoulders above their Republican rivals.

Paul Tonna, former Republican presiding officer of the Suffolk County Legislature, and former Republican town board members Donald Musgnug and Kenneth Christensen said that Petrone and Cuthbertson had done an outstanding job and deserved to be re-elected. The trio said Tracey Edwards' role as a community leader and senior corporate executive at a Fortune 100 company make her the clear choice over her Republican opponents.

"Frank Petrone just brought Huntington through the worst economy in 75-years unscathed," said Tonna. "A sustained AAA bond rating, trimming more than $45-million off the Town's long-term debt. Nobody else has a record like that. Nobody." Musgnug said that Councilman Cuthbertson and Supervisor Petrone both deserve credit, "They reduced staffing with precision, keeping services intact. I was on the Town Board. Cutting the size of government and continuing to deliver good services is a heavy lift."

Christensen said for him it was more than what the incumbents had done right, it was what the challengers had failed to do. "I have spent my adult life working to make Huntington the best it can be," said Christensen.

"I was head of the Chamber of Commerce, the Leadership Huntington Foundation and served on countless boards and committees. I still do. Prior to their nomination by the Republican Town committee, the Republican candidates demonstrated little or no interest in the affairs of this community," he said, referring to Eugene Cook and Council candidates Mark Mayoka and Josh Price.

Christensen pointed out that Cook sits silently at most board meetings introducing no legislation of his own, preferring to rubber stamp the work of others. Turning to Mayoka, he challenged voters to name one thing of substance Mayoka had accomplished. "I can't. Can you?" he asked.

Tonna, Musgnug and Christensen plan to vote for the Petrone ticket. They urged fellow Republican to do the same. "It is time for the Republican party to understand that it needs to choose candidates of stature and accomplishment," said Tonna. "The electorate wants real leaders. Go with Petrone, Cuthbertson and Edwards."