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Gaughran, NY Senate Majority Passes Sweeping Anti Gun Violence Legislation

Long Island News & PR

Albany, NY - January 29, 2019 - Today, Senator Jim Gaughran and the Senate Majority passed a package of gun reform legislation including banning the bump stock, expanded background checks, extreme risk protection orders, and additional reforms. Gaughran hosted Linda Beigel Schulman and Michael Schulman, parents of the late Scott Beigel, on the Senate chamber floor during the vote. A Resolution authored by Gaughran was read aloud honoring the life and legacy of Scott Beigel, who was killed during the Parkland massacre while selflessly protecting his students, and was passed by the Senate.

Senator Jim Gaughran said “Last year young people across the country mobilized in a transformative movement to march for their lives. One year later New York stands to make history again with common sense gun reforms such as Extreme Risk Protection Order and expanded background checks. Today I have the great honor of hosting Linda Beigel Schulman and Michael Schulman, parents of the late Scott Beigel, who was tragically gunned down in the Parkland massacre last year while heroically saving the lives of his students. I thank them for their tremendous bravery and courage in turning their tragedy into advocacy. It shouldn't take a tragedy to spur action. Never again.”

The legislation includes:

S.2451 (Extreme Risk Protection Orders) allows law enforcement officials, family and household members and certain school officials to seek a court order requiring a person likely to harm themselves or others to relinquish any firearms in their possession.
S.2374 (Effective Background Check Act) establishes an extension of time up to thirty calendar days for national in-state background checks.
S.2448 (Bump Stock Ban) prohibits the possession of a device that accelerates the rate of fire of a firearm.
S.101A (Preventing School Districts from Allowing Teachers to be Armed) prevents K-12 schools from authorizing anyone other than a security officer, school resource officer, or law enforcement officer to carry a firearm on school grounds.
S.2449 (Gun Buy Backs) directs the State Police to devise regulations for gun buyback programs so that all buyback programs across the state are operated consistently with uniform best practices.
S.2438 (Out of State Mental Health Records) will require out-of-state applicants for gun permits to allow New York permitting authorities to review out-of-state mental health records.