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Jim Gaughran Launches Campaign for Suffolk County Comptroller

Huntingtondems.org staff
James Gaughran

Jim Gaughran, a former Suffolk County Legislator, today launched his campaign as the Democratic candidate for Suffolk County Comptroller.
Gaughran, (pronounced GORE-run) 57, of Northport, said, "My candidacy offers Suffolk County voters an opportunity to elect a fearless, qualified comptroller who can help cut waste and improve fiscal performance in the County."
He added, "My 30 years as an attorney and public official, eminently qualify me to operate as an independent comptroller, who knows where to look and how to save the taxpayers hard-earned money. I can be a true watch dog."
"As Chairman of the Suffolk County Water Authority, I helped to streamline the agency, streamlined the staff by seven percent in four years without layoffs - and continue the agency's record of smart management. On a personal level, I also refused to take an Authority credit card and a car."
He said, "This an office with no incumbent, and suffolk voters ought to be able to choose the best qualified candidate for the job. To borrow a phrase, I'm in it to win it."
"As a young member of the Huntington Town Board I wrote one of the first town ethics laws in the state because I believe all public officials and employees should abide be clear and tough ethics laws to maintain the public's confidence."
When I was a Suffolk County Legislator, I was a sponsor of the landmark bill that prevented the Legislature from amending the operating and capital budgets willy-nilly and without regard to the fiscal consequences. Because of that legislation, today before the budgets can be amended legislators must identify an equal amount of revenue or trims in other parts of the budget."
Gaughran concluded, "I have a strong record as an independent who worked hard and effectively for the taxpayers and they have repaid me by electing and re-electing lie several times. I've worked hard to repay their confidence in my former posts and I will work hard to earn it as an effective comptroller."