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The Observer Endorses Spencer!

The Northport Observer

"18th Legislative District...
In the 18th Legislative district, The Observer endorses Dr. William Spencer (D-Centerport) for re-election. Dr. Spencer has accomplished in his first term things that legislators can't in a career in public office. He has had laws enacted to improve the health code, he has delivered $4.5 million in county grants for the Northport sewer plant upgrade, which will save local property taxpayers significant money, he has obtained funding for downtown revitalization.

Dr. Spencer has been a hardworking first term legislator who has really produced beyond even the most ambitious expectations. He is caring and smart, articulate and concerned and he brings to the table a real sense of community. He has shown a commitment to the district and an ability to get things done in the majority of the legislature. His opponent doesn't size up in any regard.

We endorse Dr. Spencer and urge that he be re-elected, he's earned it."