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Rebuilding Suffolk's Economy

Riverhead Local
Steve Bellone and Suffolk County Legislators

County Executive Bellone was joined by legislators and the Long Island Contractors Association (LICA) at the signing of the approval for $32 million in capital projects to be commenced in Suffolk County in 2012.

The sixteen projects, inclusive of four emergency bridge repairs, serve to improve Suffolk County’s infrastructure and are expected to create more than 300 jobs within the next year.

The projects include repairs and improvements of bridges, energy efficiency and conservation projects at county facilities, repair and resurfacing of county roadways, roadway drainage improvements, elevator system improvements and upgrades at county facilities, exterior structural improvements and replacement of traffic signals.
“The infrastructure projects approved today will create jobs, contribute to the quality of life of Suffolk County residents and improve aging infrastructure to ensure safe traverse on our roadways,” said County Executive Bellone. “As we continue to work to improve Suffolk’s economy, this investment makes economic sense and helps to ensure the economic stability of the county. I applaud the legislature for their overwhelming, bipartisan support of these capital projects and continue to look forward to doing what is right for the Suffolk County taxpayer.”

“The sign of true leadership is the ability to stay focused on strategic goals and objectives during a time of crisis, said Mark Herbst, Executive Director, LICA. “This announcement demonstrates the commitment of the Bellone Administration to the task of preserving, protecting and strengthening our county’s infrastructure at a time when government deficits are causing paralysis elsewhere. County Executive Bellone recognizes that without an investment in our roads and bridges we will never escape the economic wreckage created by the recession. Without this type of infrastructure commitment our ability to compete for jobs, investment and economic growth comes to a dead end. We salute the County Executive and his leadership in making the decisions that will create a roadway for prosperity.”
The specific projects include:

Repair and resurfacing of the following roadways

• County Rd 111-Daniel Roe Highway- from Sunrise Highway to LIE I495
• County Rd 105-Cross River Drive from NY 24 TO NY 25,
• County Rd. 46-William Floyd Parkway from Moriches Middle Island Rd to NYS 25A,
• County Rd 97-Nicolls Rd. from Furrows Rd to NY 27,
• County Rd 19-Waverly Ave/Patchogue Holbrook Rd from NY 27 to Broadway.

Bridge Rehabilitation

• Rehabilitation of Landing Ave. Bridge, Shore Drive Embankment, Brown’s Creek Bridge and Quantuck Creek Bridge and Bulkhead.
• Emergency Bridge Repair
o County Rd 97-Nicolls Rd. over County Rd. 16-Portion Rd
o County Rd 99-Woodside Ave. over Waverly Ave.
o County Rd 101-Sills Rd. over LIRR
o County Rd 111 over County Rd 51-East Moriches Rd.

Improved Traffic Control

• Replace traffic controllers at 46 intersections along 6 corridors as well as 15 signals along 2 corridors to be controlled by Suffolk’s centralized traffic signal system.
• Reconstruction of intersections along County Rd 97-Nicolls Rd.

Energy Efficiency/Conservation

• Riverhead County Center-Underground utility tunnel repair to decommission three existing high temperature hot water boilers an to install new high efficiency condensing boilers
• Multiple energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at county facilities inclusive of installation of energy efficient lighting, installing solar arrays, energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

Upgrades at County Facilities

• Elevator and elevator system upgrades for Criminal Court Building and H. Lee Dennison.
• Upgrading and replacement of underground storage tanks
• Interior and exterior restoration at Riverhead Courts.
• Resurfacing, repairing and/or rehabilitating drives, parking fields, curbs and sidewalks at various county facilities.

Source: Suffolk County Executive Steve Ballone press release dated June 8, 2012.