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SD-5: Gaughran Releases Ethics Plan

Nick Reisman
NY State of Politics

Jim Gaughran, the Democratic opponent of Republican Sen. Carl Marcellino on Thursday is set to release an ethics reform package aimed at campaign finance reform and recalling elected officials whose actions impact taxpayers.

“Long Island voters are tired of the corruption and scandals that have rocked state government and yet Senator Marcellino has ignored his constituents and has actually benefitted from the corrupt state quo in Albany,” Gaughran said.

“Our communities deserve new leadership and a State Senator who will work to clean up corruption, not be part of the problem. Carl Marcellino has proven that he will not fix our broken political system or take any real steps to reform state government, and Long Island families deserve better from our State Senator.”

The measures include new restrictions on the personal use of campaign funds and would bar the use of campaign cash for a criminal defense.

Officials whose handling of a municipality’s finances cause its bond rating to drop would be subject to a recall — a provision that’s aimed at the problems that have arisen in the town of Oyster Bay on Long Island.

And Gaughran wants to close the loophole in election law that allows unlimited donations through limited liability companies.

The Long Island Senate seat is one of a handful of races Democrats hope to wage a competitive contest in as they seek to flip control of the chamber in next months’ general election.