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Steve is a champion for Long Island veterans


Steve’s efforts have secured more than $6.6 million in payments for overdue benefits owed to Long Island veterans.

Steve successfully advocated for improving veterans health care, securing the largest investment in veterans health care in 75 years.
Steve wrote and passed an amendment to the Small Business Lending Fund Act that will increase assistance and outreach to veteran-owned businesses.
Steve’s efforts led to the largest federal investment in history to help homeless veterans.
Steve’s resolution honoring Cold War Veterans passed in the House of Representatives.
Steve’s resolution honoring the Fighting 69th passed in the House of Representatives.
Steve is working to protect Long Island pocketbooks.

Steve wrote and passed an amendment to the financial reform bill that will create a federal consumer protection website.
He also passed an amendment to provide resources to protect seniors from fraud and an amendment to create new rules to protect consumers from bank overdraft fees.
Steve is defending your tax dollars.

When AIG tried to turn a government bailout into bonuses for its top executives, Steve led the charge to recoup the bonuses, passing legislation in the House to stop AIG’s frivolous spending.
Steve voted successfully two years in a row to freeze pay for Members of Congress.
Steve is passing legislation to create new jobs on Long Island.

Based on ideas from local employers, Steve created a plan for new tax incentives to help small businesses hire unemployed workers and Congress acted, successfully passing legislation to help put people back to work.
Steve successfully fought to include job-creating clean energy funding in the economic recovery package and to ensure Long Island gets its share.
Steve is working with Long Island businesses to ensure they are accessing federal funds to secure new green jobs. He brought the director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy to meet Long Island businesses. And recently the agency, which Steve successfully secured federal funding for, announced a $1 million grant for advanced energy research in Ronkonkoma.
Steve is reforming the way Washington works.

Steve implemented a policy against seeking corporate earmarks. A year later, the entire Democratic Caucus implemented the same policy and cut government spending.
Steve is fighting to protect our natural resources and the economy they support.

Steve successfully passed the Long Island Sound Stewardship Act, which authorized the federal government to invest in the preservation and restoration of Long Island’s most precious resource – the Sound.
The Sound contributes $8 billion a year to Long Island’s economy and Steve’s efforts have secured record breaking federal investments in ensuring it will continue to be a critical economic engine for Long Island.
Steve secured significant federal support for ferry terminals on the South Shore and Fire Island, ensuring Long Islanders and visitors can continue to enjoy reliable access to Fire Island.