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Huntington Young Democrats

Who are Huntington Young Democrats?
A Huntington Young Democrat (HYD) is anyone, ages 18-35 who lives in the Town of Huntington, is interested in helping influence local politics here on Long Island and wants to advocate for Democratic values.

Don’t live in the Town of Huntington?
All Young Dems are welcome to join us for open HYD activities. We are a collaborative group that supports other Young Dems groups throughout Long Island. However, at this time, membership into HYD is limited to Town of Huntington residents.

How can Young Democrats influence local politics?
We’ve seen time and again that the best strategy for electing Democratic Candidates to state and federal offices is growing our party at the local level. We believe that the Democratic Party needs to elect strong representatives at every level – not just in Congress and the Presidency. Young Democrats have a voice and can be most effective in creating lasting change by taking a leadership role in organizing, advocating for, and influencing the election of and running as the candidates we want within our communities.

What are the issues that motivate Young Democrats?
Like many other people in our generation, we are motivated by national issues like: Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability, Equal Rights, Civic Engagement. Before meaningful policy or debate can happen with these issues, Young Democrats must be a part of electing the officials to represent their concerns. These are the topics of our “Taskforce” groups that focus on organizing and advocating for specific issues. We can make substantial contributions to these issues and the lives of those in our communities by focusing our efforts locally!

What is the Huntington Town Democratic Committee?
The Huntington Town Democratic Committee is an official organization of the Democratic Party of Suffolk County, NY with a number of key legal responsibilities in carrying out the nomination and election laws of the State of New York. We work to get Democrats elected in the Town of Huntington!

How can you get involved?
If you’re interested in becoming involved with HYD, email us at chairhtdc@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/ydhuntington

Follow us on Instagram: @ydhuntington